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  • Suggestion

    In order to promote the whole society to save energy, improve the efficiency of energy use, protect and improve the environment, and promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the economy and society, China amended and passed the Law of the People's Republic of China on Conserving Energy on October 28, 2007. It is clearly stipulated in Article 4 of Chapter I of this Law that resource conservation is China's basic state policy. The State implements the energy development strategy of simultaneously promoting energy conservation and development and giving top priority to energy conservation. At the same time in the 37 provisions of building energy saving: the use of air conditioning heating, refrigeration of public buildings should be implemented indoor temperature control system. The application of thermal insulation materials is an indispensable energy saving product in the field of building energy saving, which ensures the normal work of the HVAC system, improves the energy utilization rate, reduces energy consumption and improves the indoor environmental quality.

  • Please select the best economical thickness
    When the insulation material is selected, the insulation effect depends on the thickness of the insulation layer (the structure design is reasonable, the construction quality is good), increase the thickness of the insulation layer, can reduce energy loss, reduce energy consumption. In order to obtain the best economic results, it is recommended to choose the best economic thickness.

  • Adapt to thermal insulation requirements in more extreme climates

    Industrial energy consumption, pollution and global warming have resulted in increasingly harsh and abnormal climate, such as extreme heat and cold phenomena occurring frequently, etc. At the same time, China has a vast territory and a great difference in climate between the north and the south, so the choice of insulation materials is particularly important in areas with high temperature and humidity. Condensation prevention is a prominent performance requirement of insulation materials, it is suggested that when choosing the thickness of insulation products, the appropriate thickness should be selected to prevent condensation, so as to better adapt to the changing climate and temperature difference environment.

  • Special auxiliary material professional installation
  • Design is fundamental, material selection is the foundation, construction is the key. If the bias or ignore one side, will lead to adiabatic failure, damage to the project. In the construction stage, it is recommended to choose special auxiliary materials and installation guidance, to ensure that the product efficacy and performance of good play, to ensure the air tightness of the HVAC system.